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Who We Are

Eurocraft’s EcoStar windows and doors are designed and built around the highest quality materials available and installed with unparalleled craftsmanship. Everyone of their products are custom built for your home in their Medley, Florida factory. EcoStar windows and doors are elegant: simply beautiful and easy to operate. Yet, their advanced design technology allows them to be highly energy efficient, long-lasting and incredibly strong.

The EuroCraft Team

What makes Eurocraft’s products special?

Modern Living.
Perfectly Engineered.

The way we incorporate windows and doors into our homes is changing, as we
look to improved product performance, energy efficiency and sound reduction.
System 76 from Kommerling is a German designed, window and door system
that’s distributed throughout North America to selected manufacturing partners
and key dealers, from our base in Huntsville, Alabama.
These European style tilt and turn windows offer greater functionality and
performance, whether you are an architect, building professional or homeowner.

& Lasting.

System 76 has been designed as a product that not only looks good,
thanks to a number of finishes including classic white, laminated
woodgrains and colours and our unique AluClip cladding, but also to offer
longevity and reliable performance. These design standards extend beyond
the vinyl profiles, to the clever multi-point locking mechanisms and handles.
Each part of our System 76 product is built to last, whatever the extremes
of the Northern American climates demand, with many long-term delighted
customers and clients.

& Secure.

All of our window and door systems have been designed with security in mind and we’ve built an unmatched global reputation for product design. Not
only do our products keep the elements out, but also unwanted intruders, thanks to an ingenious multi-point system, which locks the window around all four sides of the opening.

The system is engaged by means of a premium finished handle and has a life expectancy in excess of 25 years, even in coastal regions. Turning the handle
through 90 degrees from the locking mode helps open the window inwards and through a further 90 degrees the window offers a clever tilt mode for ventilation and then back 180 degrees to the locked position.


These windows and doors are made of U-PVC, an incredibly durable material which will outlast any similar product made of wood.


Our windows are designed to withstand the high winds and blowing rain of Florida’s annual hurricanes. This material outlasts any standard wood, steel or aluminum window by years.


Besides saving forests, our suppliers are dedicated to environmental protection through responsible handling of raw material resources.


With all their strength and durability, it’s hard to believe how truly beautiful these doors and windows can be. Their clean lines fit comfortably within any home or business design – from traditional to modern.

They are designed to withstand hurricane strength winds and have passed the stringent Dade County Impact Test.

Their clean lines fit comfortably within any home design – from traditional to modern. Explore our products.

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