About Our Doors

Our customers have always loved the simple elegance, functionality, and durability of Eurocraft’s tilt and turn window systems so much that they frequently requested the same features in their doors too. That is why Eurocraft industries is now building one of the most feature-filled doors in the industry. Our doors are manufactured from the very best U-PVC material available. They will simply outlast any wood door made. And unlike wood doors, they will never rot, swell, twist, or warp in their frames. They will also never need to be painted. With six to eleven locking points on each door (custom doors may have even more), our doors are some of the safest ever designed. Like our windows, they are nearly burglar proof. They are also designed to withstand hurricane strength winds and have passed the stringent Dade County Impact Test. With all their strength and durability, it is hard to believe how beautiful these doors can be. Their clean lines fit comfortably within any home or business design – from traditional to modern. Give us a call and we will show you why the Eco-Star is the best decision you can make when buying new doors for your home or business.

Door Styles

Patio Door
Our single patio door looks and operates very much like a large, single Tilt-N-Turn window, the most significant difference is the cylinder lock that prevents the handle from operating. This door is offered with a low-walkover bottom sill.
French Door
Our French door is made with two operating panels, which is much like combining two single patio doors. The side that is opened first is identified as the active panel. Once the active panel is opened, the in-active door can then be opened as well. With both doors open, there is a large, wide opening with no obstructions. These doors can be made to open in or out. They also have the tilt feature for secure ventilation.
Tilt Sliding Glass Door
Our unique sliding glass door is one of the smoothest doors you’ll ever use. When closed, you turn the handle to the 90-degree horizontal position and pull gently inward, much like the door of a minivan. The door rides up on sealed bearings and slides open with very little effort. You can feel the substantial weight of the door, yet it requires almost no strength to use. When the door is in the closed position, turn the handle up 180-degrees and the door will tilt in on the top like the Single Patio door.
Dutch Door
The Dutch Door is divided into an upper and lower panel. With the door closed, the top panel can be opened inward like a casement window. This is great for cleaning or ventilation. The bottom is fixed and is made of either glass or PVC. The doors are often used in poolside baths where there are no windows for ventilation.

Structural Features

  • Ten-years limited warranty.
  • Nearly unbreakable, precision welded, steel reinforced UPVC frames and sashes.
  • Five chamber design insulate structure from heat, cold and noise.
  • Dual gasket system that keeps doors watertight even during high winds and storms.
  • Florida impact rated and certified HVHZ (FL#12092).
  • Manufactured using environmentally safe UPVC extrusions.


  • Multi-point locking hardware.
  • Mushroom-head locking pieces for the ultimate in security.
  • Maximum corrosion resistance with eco-friendly, coated stainless-steel hardware.
  • One-thousand-hour salt spray tested and certified for resistance to rust.

Glass Specifications and Options

  • 1/2” insulating air space between two thick dual panes.
  • Latest solar coating technology of glass panes.
  • Glass coating blocks damaging ultraviolet rays.
  • Qualifies for energy efficiency tax credits with LOE 366 glass installation.
  • Tint options include mirror, bronze, gray, blue and green.
  • Girds between glass and simulated dividing lights are also available.

Handle Options

  • Special order finishes include: brass; antique bronze; polished chrome; oil rubbed nickel and an array of colors.
  • Half-thumb wheel locking cylinders for door interiors.

Bottom Track

  • French Doors are available with a walk-over aluminum sill for high traffic areas, or a frame bottom track for areas prone to wind-driven rain for maximum protection against water intrusion.
  • PVC panels are available as a substitute for glass.

Woodgrain Options

  • Standard color is white inside and out.
  • Mahogany and Golden Oak wood grains are available.
  • Aluminum cladding available for exterior which can be painted to any color.
  • See the wide array of special order colors available in our color chart