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The window tilts in at the top to provide cross-flow ventilation and then, with the simple turn of the handle, opens wide like a casement window for easy cleaning. Most people would never realize the clever functionality of this product just by looking at it. That’s because it really doesn’t look that different from any other window. But upon close inspection, you notice that the fit and finish is very nearly perfect. The surface is smooth and flawless. The glass looks thick and strong — because it is. EcoStar’s windows also offer another significant advantage over other windows – they will not rust, will not rot and will not shrink or warp.


They’re great for home or commercial applications. They’re durability and strong — ideal for use in high-rise condos. That’s because in a high-rise, it takes a lot of time and expense to install windows in the first place. And building owners and condo associations don’t want to be replacing those windows after just 5 or 10 years. They want a product that will last a quarter of a century or more. Another great advantage of the EcoStar’s Tilt-N-Turn window system is each enclosure is customized and built to your exact specifications. You can also have these same features in EcoStar doors as well. And our windows and doors are available in a wide variety of color and textures to match your tastes.



Multipoint, end-retention locks provide the ultimate in security. Most windows have at least six locking points compared with the one or two in a traditional window. It’s nearly impossible to force entry into one of our windows without breaking the glass. And because our glass is thick, dual pane, that’s no easy task either. All locking plates, gears and screws are made from the same eco-friendly, anti-corrosion coated hardware and are salt-spray tested for 1000 hours.

Why Choose Us?

All frames and sashes are mitre-cut and then fusion welded at 468 degrees F. The frames on our windows and doors will never split or gap, as is commonly seen in wooden windows. All corners are also shadow grooved to add an additional finished look to our product.
Every one of our windows and doors are reinforced with galvanized steel. Because of this our windows and doors are incredibly strong and have a very high structural rating.
EcoStar windows use Kommerling uPVC extruded profiles for construction of our window frames. These are universally known as the finest in the industry. These uPVC extrusions are created with a calcium zinc process rather than the chalk based process used by most vinyl windows manufacturers. Because of this, our window frames will not streak or chalk up – ever. That’s why EcoStar confidently offers a 20-year warranty on their windows and doors. With our windows, there will never be any rust, rot, warping or termite damage … ever!
Insulated glass units sometimes fail because they sit in water or moisture. This moisture heats up during the day and then cools down at night. This convective motion can break the seal on insulated glass and cause it to fog up inside. You’ll never see that on an EcoStar window or door. That’s because we utilize a five-degree interior pitch on our frames and sashes. This keeps water continually draining. All glass units are also shimmed so they never have to sit in moisture for any length of time.
A thermal bridge is created when materials that are poor insulators come in contact, allowing heat to flow through the path. EcoStar windows have five insulating chambers which prevents thermal bridging. The outer chambers are routered to continuously ventilate our windows and doors, to maintain higher insulation values. In addition to lowering your heating and cooling bills, the insulating chambers and insulated glass in our widows and doors also provide a significant level of level of sound insulation.
Ecostar frames are a 70mm deep system that can accommodate Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) up to 1 ¼ “ thick. All IGUs have a minimum of ½” of air space between the inboard and outboard glass panes. Additionally, this glass is coated, resulting in an extremely energy efficient window system that qualifies for federal tax credits.
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